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7, 10, 12, and 13.

7. Biggest turn offs: lack of motivation and laziness, self centered, unintelligent, no desire to progress in life, lack of adventure, constantly talking about sex (men love telling me how horny I make them on a way too consistent basis and it’s disgusting).
10. Biggest turn ons: dark sense of humor, passion for something or ANYTHING, can teach me things, being spontaneous, tattoos, big beards, a love for literature and music, women with short, colored hair. Just be proactive on your life and share it with me.
12. Ideas of a perfect date: I just wanna adventure with someone. Take me somewhere new or do something fun with me (motorcycle/bike riding, dancing, to the beach, to some sort of activity, out on the town). I’ve only been taken on one proper date in my entire life and that’s sad.
13. Life goals: to become a world class hair artist, to write for Rolling Stone, to teach.

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2 & 15.

2. A photo of yourself.

15. Relationship status. In one.

I’m officially a student of the Aveda Institute Chicago and I will be starting in November. Which means….FREE SERVICES TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. I’ve been doing hair for close to a decade now so I have a tiny idea of what I’m already doing. Who wants a new color!?

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